Works towards a circular economy supporting the three P’s – people, planet and profit.

We are devoted to contribute to a sustainable future and to continuous environmental improvement.




Provide solutions to the environmental crisis that benefits the planet, people's health, well-being and corporates’ image and reputation.

We believe in the power of communities and that we all have the means to improve the world at our individual level, contribute to our environment and to a better future. Through communication and interaction with the public we make this possible.

Our objective is working locally to develop meaningful partnerships and enhancing our local economy.


We're a dynamic and professional team with strong experiences in Ecology & Health Education, Circular Economy, Social Development and more! Some of us are devoted full time while others are helping us part time or on a voluntary basis. One thing is for sure... we all want to part of the change and act upon it! 

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What is "Zero Waste"?

Zero Waste is a global movement where people try to reduce the waste they produce by changing their lifestyle. 

A lifestyle that aims to take a step back from the capitalist and consumer-driven society we live in, with new products entering the market every day that are supposedly there to make us happier, or more fulfilled. 


No we are not (all) living in the woods or caves, going back to the stone age and making our own bread and growing our own food (although that would be pretty awesome ...). 


At Zero Waste Shanghai we live in one of the biggest cities in China, a city to be known for it's materialistic society and feel, a concrete jungle until the eye can see, and high levels of air pollution making it sometimes necessary to leave the house with a mask. 


BUT... some of us find creative ways to reduce our waste and find a lifestyle that allows us to take a step back and value things that truly makes us happy: moments with friends, travel, home cooked food,  interaction with the locals, and more!

Zero Waste means that you send very little waste to landfill, to incineration, to the ocean. The best way to do this is simply by reducing the waste you "acquire" in the first place, which means reducing it before even recycling it. 

An easy way to do this on a daily basis is to follow the 5R's: 


Refuse: refuse everything you don't need. This especially applies to "free" things, single-use plastics,  junk mail, etc. It's important to say no, because by accepting and buying these things, we simply keep creating a demand for more... 

Reduce: reduce your belongings in general ... How many pairs of shoes do you really need? Do you need that extra kitchen utensil, even though you already have something similar that would do the same job. Basically, declutter your home. 

Reuse: reuse as much as you can. You know that glass container that used to hold some kimchi or jam? Keep it and reuse it to store your bulk purchases after. Same goes for your clothes, be creative on how you wear your clothes, dress them up and down using different accessories. 

Recycle: recycling comes at the end, because recycling is NOT the solution. Once waste has been reduced and there's some waste left, then we can consider recycling it. But the entire point, is to REDUCE first !

Rot: so much food waste is being thrown out every day. It's one of the most ridiculous problems of this planet. If you have food left overs, and you don't want to eat it anymore, at least consider giving it to a homeless person or a food bank. 

If you have veggies and fruit leftovers, you can throw it in your compost bin. We have a tutorial on how to make one for your home if you live in the city. (click here

Need more tips and tricks? Browse through our website and let us know what you would like to know!

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