CLIENT: Aden Services

LOCATION: Shanghai, China




"Before changing others, we need to change ourselves."

With its roots in Asia, ADEN is an International Integrated Facility Management (IFM) specialist, and is always at the forefront of the latest technology. 

With many clients and suppliers around the world, Aden Services wants to be a driver of green and sustainable practices and set an example for the different industries.


At Zer'0Waste we are all about creating a comfortable and non-judgmental environment when we dive into the details and implementation of Zero Waste practices.


Through a thorough Zero Waste Audit over the course of two weeks, our team was able to identify the amount and types of waste that are generated inside an organization.

Anything from the individual waste to the kitchen and department containers was recorded and analyzed, but beyond that we also look into where materials come from. This allows us to determine how Aden can reduce the amount of waste that they generate, save money and implement a healthier policy at their facility.



> Recommendations on waste management & responsible waste disposal

> Employee - engaging training sessions to create a company culture around Zero Waste 

> Clear data on incoming and outgoing waste streams. This data is suitable for future TRUE certification acquirement

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