• Zero Waste Shanghai

10 plus 1 things that this pandemic taught us (and it’s not what you think) 新冠病毒给我们上的11堂课(意想不到的课)

Previously we talked about economic and social consequences of this COVID-19. Today, we want to tackle what we feel we’ve learnt from it.


During this period of isolation and fear, we learnt valuable lessons.


Immense sadness and suffering made us reevaluate who we are and what our values are. Here some lessons that at Zero Waste Shanghai, we believe will have a big impact on our lives once all this will be finally over:


1. We might NOT be better people. On news papers and social media, we have the impression that finally the human race became this cooperative and sensitive race we always have been deep inside. Whether this epidemic helped us discover a better version of ourselves, no one can tell. Most likely no.


2. Nature and the freedom to enjoy it are the real fresh air. So, all those sunny days and blue skies we took for granted, aren’t so granted anymore. Aren’t they? We need to take care of them, because they DO are the most precious things we (don’t) own. More than ever before, the climate crisis and its solutions MUST be part of this conversation and part of our plans.


3. We need the community we are part of. Despite how much we enjoyed being isolated at first, we acknowledged the importance collectivity, perceived as family, friends, and institutions. We are social animals, and in the end, we don’t earn much from being alone.


4. Only united as international community, we can really do something. No rac