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Paperless Kitchen in 5 steps 实现无纸化厨房

五个步骤,轻松实现厨房无纸化!Follow these 5 steps to become paper less in your kitchen!

1. Set a timeline to become paperless - 首先为“无纸厨房”的目标定下一个时间表

Once you decide that you will change a new part of your life, you have to set a time line. Even for smaller things :)

For example, if you still have paper in your kitchen, you can say that when those are done, this is it. No more papers! This is your timeline. Use that time to start planning and finding alternatives.

Start by using cloth napkins for dinner only, and use the paper napkins other times of the day when we needed a napkin.

One tip could also be: Try putting the roll of paper towel in a less convenient place so you're not used to grab a paper towel for every little thing.