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Garment Care 101

We got this great 101 (!) tips on how to take care of our beloved garments. So happy to share these with you guy

When it comes to general housekeeping, it sometimes seems that everyone and their mother (literally!) have tried-and-true tips and tricks they absolutely swear by, especially when it comes to caring for your clothing. Some are useful, while others … well, not so much. With that in mind, we’ve culled 101 tips on how to effectively care for every item in your closet, from cotton to denim. Read on for more!


101. While dry-cleaning is fine for basic silk pieces, it’s even better to hand wash them in order to keep them in good shape.

100. Handwash silk in cool or lukewarm water using a tiny bit of mild detergent such as Woolite, Ivory soap, or shampoo dissolved in water.

99. Like most natural fibers, silk doesn’t tolerate changes in temperature, so stick with either cool or warm water the whole way through.