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The Reversed Advent Calendar [ENG & FR] Calendrier de l’Avent Inversé

Reversed Advent Calendar

« An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas » according Wikipedia.

Nowadays, Christmas lightenings and ornaments, Christmas markets, and present hunting are every year a little bit earlier (a British brand has even sent its catalog in July!).

Let’s not shorten the holiday preparation time so we’re sure that our consumers don’t miss out on the latest christmas trends, gifts and other products.

Either way, we have to admit that children are hear about Christmas much earlier than before : if the advent calendar used to be 24 boxes (1 box for every day in preparation for christmas), today we could use more than 50 boxes… with a new gift everyday …yes of course, cute prints are so out of date. Chocolate might just cut it, but a little gift looks better. A small tiny gift, most probably a plastic one, that will be used during a couple of hours before being left over, broken on the carpet.

Let’s sum it up : consumerism , a pinch of materialism and eventually, the end of the day maybe some Christmas spirit: dreaming, sharing and gifting…

Some advent calendars are well designed : everyday you can open a little card with a story written in it. Every story is related to the Christmas history. All the children are happy ! Dreams, stories ! Sigh of relief! A bit of Christmas spirit !

However, a new kind of Advent calendar has been appearing these last few years. A concept that has even more meaning and that can help tighten the links between human beings : the reversed advent calendar.

The principle is simple : to teach children (but not only, everybody in the family can participate) to give. Not only receive, but also offer gifts, share, and finally enter smoothly into the Christmas spirit.

Everyday, members of the family give something that could be useful to someone else: a blanket, hygiene products, food, a teddy bear, candies, a book, a drawing… Every item is to be collected in a big bag , or a box, everyday from the 1st December to the 25th December. Then , they will be given to some people.