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Alternatives to a Christmas Tree

Ok let’s get one thing straight: I LOVE everything about Christmas. I love the preparation, the time spent looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for my loved ones, the getting of the Christmas tree, decorating the Christmas tree, … and everything else.

So when I found out that every year we cut down around 60 MILLION pine trees (in Europe only) and around Approximately 25 to 30 million (in North America), just to use for a couple of weeks, decorate them for merely our own pleasure and then burned them down or even worse… trash them, I was dying a little bit inside because I would have to find an alternative to this awesome tradition that I love so much.

On the other hand… You have the plastic one as an option… Which I am obviously not considering either, well because … plastic.

The internet does a great job of giving you the pros and cons of fake tree versus real tree so I will quickly recap it here below:

Real Christmas Trees


The smell of a real tree

Picking out a real tree is an experience for the family

1 acre of Christmas trees provides enough oxygen for 18 people every day (until we cut it down of course)

Christmas trees are able to grow on soil that is unfit for other crops

Only 1/4 of an ounce of pesticides are used on a non-organic tree during its lifetime

At tree farms, when a tree is cut down, it is usually replaced with another