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You Don't Need to be Vegan to Save The Planet

We are what we eat has never been truer than today.

The vegan lifestyle is on trend since years already, but putting all the jokes and the disputes with meat-lovers aside, we want to focus on which are the reasons why a different diet is not just preferable but also very much desirable for our future and the one of our planet.

Today we don't concentrate on the ethical dilemma of whether eating animals is cruel or inhuman; we leave it to the personal judgment of each one of us.

The main question we want to raise here is what is the actual cost of being carnivores.

To start, we need to acknowledge that food doesn't magically appear on our tables. Everything we eat comes with a price that is not just the simple purchasing one.

We are used to addressing global warming and greenhouse gas to cars and industries, but if you look closer to what livestock and agriculture became to support the quantity of food we require, you can see where the point is.