• Zero Waste Shanghai

Where to go for Zero Waste Grocery Shopping?

When it comes to doing groceries without waste, it's a struggle. It's one thing to buy without waste, but being in China we know that food safety is also an issue. When I do groceries I arm myself with closable cloth bags, two or three cotton tote bags, one or two jars and my backpack.

Just a heads up:

- You will get strange looks from people, but keep a smile and tell them it's for health reasons 😼

- Don't give up, keep repeating and pushing for what you want.

Here's where I find what:

Veggies and fruits

There are countless little shops where you can buy good veggies and fruits in the street. I found two small shops in my neighborhood where the veggies and eggs come from a farm outside of Shanghai. I keep an egg carton that I reuse. When I don't have time to go out and buy everything, I order from a farm (BIOFarm, www.biofarm.cn/) in Shanghai. They deliver the products in carton boxes without any wrapping (except for the strawberries), and you can give it back to the driver.