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« Wearing nothing new »  | « Ne rien porter de neuf » [ENG & FR]

Have you thought about doing like Jessi Arrington and not buy anything new?

This young woman, is the co- founder of ‘WORKSHOP’, she is also a graphic designer, passionate about conserving our planet and about colors. She explains in her TedActive 2011 talk how she decides to purchase her clothes. Buying in flea markets or in thrift stores is not only a matter of clothes : you can meet new people, acquire unique pieces, lower your impact on the environment and last but not least, an increase in your wallet…

She also teaches us a lesson in life through her excentric way to dress up : being yourself is what suits you best.

You can find the conference on the link below (English with French subtitles) : https://www.ted.com/talks/jessi_arrington_wearing_nothing_new/discussion#t-301666

Here are some tips to create your own second hand clothing style in Shanghai :

  • Taobao : Xianyu (闲鱼) is Taobao’s second-hand marketplace. Although not desktop-friendly, you can sell almost everything there. The platform is super active. (FInd it in the Apple Store : 闲鱼)

  • On Wechat you can find a lot of selling or gift groups amongst individual