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5 Veggie Burger Recipes That Will Make Meat Question Its Very Existence

One of the great things about burgers is that they’re so versatile and adaptable to different palettes. With vegetarianism and veganism becoming mainstream (Yay for the environment), veggie patties are increasing edging out meat patties on the grill. Think veggie burgers are boring and bland? Think again. We’re sharing recipes boasting a wide range of flavors and drawing from ingredients available locally. More importantly, some of them take little time to prepare and are beginner-friendly.


Whether you are cooking with family these holiday season, staying at home or traveling this Chinese New Year..., why don’t try to make one of these amazing recipes? Click on the burger’s name to see the complete recipe.

1. Eggplant Crunch Burger

It’s big, it’s messy. Perfect for the occasional craving for fatty taste.