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Zero waste pioneer- Yizhe Li and Ecohouse Dali 零浪费先行者:李艺哲和她的Eco House

I see quite a few examples around us that live by zero waste principles, but Yizhe (Patricia) Li (referred to as Yizhe in rest of article) takes it to a different level. Today, I’m going to tell you about Yizhe and her Ecohouse in Dali.

我一直关注周围的零浪费实践者们,而李艺哲则将零浪费提升到一个新的高度。今天,我就来说说李艺哲和她在大理Eco House(环保屋)的故事。

Yizhe Yi, Founder of Ecohouse Dali

李艺哲 - 大理Eco House的主人

The idea of a sustainable house was hatched when Yizhe left her successful corporate career overseas and decided to simplify her life and live in Yunnan. She found an old Bai-style house in a village in Dali, and started renovating it according to zero waste and minimalist principles. In the process she realized that she could reach more people by opening up the renovation project to those interested. Hence the numerous waves of volunteers that contributed to the renovation throughout 2018.