• Zero Waste Shanghai

8 Meaningful Brands That We Love to Work With!

So you probably know (or not) that the first R in the Zero Waste Lifestyle Code (cheez this sounds so formal) is REFUSE. Refuse what? Refuse things you don’t need …. and I usually proceed to give the example of goodie bags …. free pens, keychains etc.

HOWEVER, our goodie bag is different.. I swear it is. Because this goodie bag will actually help you reduce your waste. It holds some samples from our favorite brands in Shanghai. We would not be recommending these brands if we did not truly, fully, wholeheartedly believed that they have incredible core values close to nature and the people who create the products, that their way of working has a minimum impact on the environment and that they don’t create waste at the end of their lifecycle.

Beeziro is a brand of beeswax food wraps created by Ziyu. She put a lot of time and effort in perfecting her recipe for her wraps and it shows. Her products are simple, but very sophisticated and I love using them. She’s today a dear friend, and I got to know her better through our collaborations together. If you see her at events or markets, do say hi and get to know her a bit better. She had a fascinating life so far.