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A sexy affair: when a bag meets an ad campaign | 一只包和一次广告活动的性感邂逅

Ad campaigns are glamorous

Brimming with creativity

bags are…well, bags


You’ve been reading that upcycling is cool

This group from Givingback has taken that message to heart

After an ad campaign in early 2017

Creative agency Lead(宜德) was encouraged by the host of the event

BottleDream (which deserves a huge following in their own right)

To find a use for all the banners used in the campaign


在2017年初的一次广告活动之后,创意代理公司宜德在活动主办方BottleDream的鼓励下, 为所有在活动中使用的横幅寻找新用途, Givingback(回向)这一品牌由此诞生了。

Givingback was born

A fashion brand that makes bags using discarded materials from ad campaigns


“these banners are the culmination of months of creative work

But they meet their demise after only hours of display at a campaign”

Remarks Benny from Givingback


Not only are they good materials

They also contain ingenious designs that we love to wear


--- Benny from Givingback


Givingback had a reality check when meeting with OEM’s in the bag industry

Fluctuating quantity of banner supply

Tedious treatment procedures

Unique patterns on each banner

OEM’s wanted no part of this


横幅供应量不稳定, 乏味的处理过程,每条横幅上的特殊图案。


So, they hired their own designers and bagsmiths (is this a word?)

The result is sexyyy



Not only is it high quality

But each bag has a unique design pattern and text

That finds no twin in the ENTIRE world


Check out this bag upcycled from an Ikea ad campaign

How cool is it to be connected to the origin of what you wear!



This story goes to show that there really is no trash

if we have the imagination to turn it into treasure


let’s enjoy upcycling


and don’t forget to vote for sustainability with your wallet

buy from brands such as Givingback


Givingback Taobao store(Givingback淘宝店): https://shop244268018.taobao.com/index.htm?spm=a1z10.4-c.w5002-17507497235.2.4748246fwL8Yh6

All photos in this article were taken from BottleDream’s wechat account (bottledream) with authorization


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