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The power of people and positivity

As humans, we tend to pursue happiness and positivity avoiding to face negative and destructive feelings or issues.

Which is why often being doomsday and dramatic over climate change, plastic pollution, and Earth's destruction is not helping the conversation.

We don't want to be told that our habits have to change, that we need to rethink our economy, that we must challenge the way we live.

But we, as people have the amazing power of gather together and create.

Tomorrow (Domain), a 2015 documentary by French directors Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, showcases feel-good stories of ecological enterprises, new economic solution, educational and social initiatives that come from the people for the people.

Traveling around 10 countries, from the USA to India, passing by France, the UK, Finland and many more, Cyril and Mélanie meet and interview pioneers, academics, entrepreneurs discussing agriculture, energy, economy, democracy, and education.