• Zero Waste Shanghai

Humus Project: Reducing food waste and composting in schools.

The future is in the hands of our children.

Today's action and decisions will influence the world they live in tomorrow.


Education is key and whether you start when they're 4 years old or over 40, it's never too late to learn.

​​We've witnessed a lot of educational institutions talking more about sustainability and environmental protection, but there's still a big road ahead of us and organizations need to work together to make an even bigger impact.

Education goes through our minds, but more often than not, that's where it remains. The ability to transfer the knowledge from our minds to our hands is often discarded and considered as unimportant. At Zer'0Waste Shanghai we believe that hands on activities are a must when it comes to better understand information and the world around us.

The HUMUS Project aims to reduce food waste, create a circular loop for the remaining food waste within the school facilities and serve as a visual and daily educational opportunity for every student in the schools.

The compost bin project goes through multiple stages:

1. Canteen and kitchen waste audit