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What To Do With Your Leftover Herbs? 剩下的草本植物怎么办?

The weather is heating up and you have a garden full of herbs that you do not want to waste? Or you often have herbs remnants leftover from a delicious meal? Well, you can gather all you leftover herbs and create refreshing cocktails for the summer. Let’s explore 4 easy and amazing recipes that will make you and your guests crazy!

天气越来越热,而你的花园里却长满了你不想浪费的草本植物?或者是当你想用完一餐美味佳肴,却总会留下一些香料植物? 其实,你可以收集所有剩下的香草,用来做夏日清爽鸡尾酒的原料。让我们来探索4种简单而神奇的食谱,它们会让你和你的客人们疯狂!

Plum and Thyme Prosecco Smash


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For Thyme Simple Syrup(百里香糖浆):

Water / 水