• Zero Waste Shanghai

5 Steps to a more Waste-Less and Sustainable Business/ Household/ Project

I was invited to talk at Boss Lady Breakfast Shanghai this morning at the lovely Egg Cafe on Xiangyang Road. Multiple women who own or are thinking of starting their own businesses are gathering every month for breakfast to hear the story of another fellow Boss Lady and discuss ideas and opinions on the matter.

I am sure it's no surprise that my topic was Zero Waste related... (duuhh... -_- ), so to make sure that this was going to be relevant for as many people as possible I tried coming up with 5 first steps to a more waste-less household, project, business, company, ... you name it!

I was asked to share it again after the talk so I figured... why not share it with everyone here as well? Here we go!

1. Start with a dumpster dive > Yes check what is in your garbage can!

" You can't manage what you don't measure..."

You might think you know what you throw away but unless you actually take it all out and take a closer look, your idea might be biased.

Look at everything and see what you can avoid easily, what type of waste you have, how much of every type etc.

This will be the foundation for the waste diversion opportunities later. You can then also prioritise the opportunities according what you found.

2. Don't take shortcuts

"Recycling won't save you money, but reducing and reusing will."