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BREAKING NEWS: Real tomatoes are ugly! A new ZW free webinar series. 爆炸新闻:真正的番茄不好看!五R零最新webinar系列

Despite us being locked into our countries, many exciting and positive stories are brightening up the world: the ones of people that keep moving forward fighting for a better planet.


At Zero Waste Shanghai, we want to pay tribute to these doers and their stories, as another way for us to keep learning. Our goal is to meet common people, activists, companies, brands, associations from all over the globe, that are having a high social or environmental positive impact on the communities.


We want to exchange with our community around the world, and with our beloved China, a series of inspirational webinars. Webinars that will challenge us, making us questioning and thinking. The ultimate scope is to inspire us in shaping our behaviors for a better relationship with nature.


We aim to host two surprising free webinars every month.

-Feel free to contact us, sending proposals of people or institutions you feel that fit with our purpose-.


Real Tomatoes Are Ugly: going beyond food waste.