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Cruise ship giants impact on the oceans游轮公司对环境的影响

Written by Sandy / Translated by Jun

While China and other parts of the world were social distancing and spending more time at home, we caught more glimpses of blue skies. Pollution levels have gone down temporarily due to drop in manufacturing and transportation. While we generally focus on factories and cars as culprits for pollution, there is another huge contributor to pollution and other environmental issues that have not been heavily

discussed about⎯cruise ships.


At full power the Harmony of the Seas’ two 16-cylinder engines would each burn 1,377 US gallons an hour of some of the most polluting diesel fuel in the world. Photograph: Peter Nicholls/Reuters

Balancing the Benefits and Downsides


The challenging question has always been, how do countries strike a balance

for the well-being of their people, environment and economy?

The tourism cruise ships bring to transitioning economies are critical to their growth. As

visitors arrive, they spend on the nearby souvenir shops and restaurants, supporting the

local businesses. Jobs are created as the tourism traffic opens up oppo