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We, at Zero Waste Shanghai, have brought sustainability content to schools for years with the aim to change unsustainable behaviors through practical changes and implementation.


We are now aiming for a larger public, through putting our content online.


V.I.D.A (Very - Important- Daily-Actions) 每日重要行动

VIDA, is a special E-LEARNING package for Schools that consists of 3 ONLINE classes specially designed for kids between 6 and 12 years old. The goal of these e-learning classes are to share our in-depth knowledge on sustainability, and share a better understanding, love and respect for our planet.

VIDA, 是为学校6-12岁的孩子定制的线上学习系列课程,包含3节线上课。通过深度的环保学习和了解,让孩子爱上地球、尊重自然。

As a individual, you can buy the classes separately. As a Education Organization, we have special prices for schools or groups of students. 你可以作为个体购买课程。学校、团队或教育机构,我们准备了特别价格。

1/ The Earth Day Challenge e-learning class (30 Minutes class, divided in 4 modules):


Goal: Learn about plastic and food waste, the impact of our choices and everyday habits.


Takeaways: The kids will learn how to be Zero Waste Heros through videos, explanations, graphics and a SUPERCOOL 7 days challenge. Learn more here.

要点:孩子们将通过视频、解释、图表和SUPERCOOL7天挑战赛学习如何成为零浪费英雄。 了解更多

2/ The Urban Compost Bin e-learning Class (45 minutes class, divided into 4 modules):

2/ 城市堆肥线上课程(45分钟,4个模块):

Goal: Kids will learn how to make their own urban compost bin and reduce daily waste by 40%!


In the video they will learn:

  • in depth about the food waste issue,

  • which materials you will need for the compost bin,

  • the step by step process on how to build it.


  • 深度了解食物浪费问题

  • 堆肥箱需要哪些材料

  • 有关如何构建它的分步过程。

Takeaways: The families interested in having a compost bin at home, can buy all the materials (compost bin kit) on the website www.zerowasteshanghai.com. or through the official WeChat Account. Learn more here.


3/ The Ocean’s Day e-learning class (45 minutes class):

3/ 海洋日线上课程(45分钟):

Goal: to raise awareness on Ocean Day, Zero Waste Shanghai brings a special class on life under water:

  • How is the climate crisis affecting the lungs of the planet?

  • What can we do from our homes to preserve and care for the animals, and also our own health?


  • 气候危机如何影响地球之肺

  • 我们该如何在家中保护和照顾动物以及自己的健康?

Takeaways: Kids will learn:

  • in depth about plastic pollution,

  • how to reduce plastic in our lives,

  • how to take care of plastic we keep in our lives.


  • 深度了解塑料污染,

  • 如何在生活中减少塑料,

  • 如何在生活中使用塑料。

On top of that they will understand the oceans and their role in the ecosystem.


Launching in May.


The 3 courses will be recorded, and thus available at any time, anywhere, once they are released.


Watch a Preview "The Urban Compost Bin"


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