• Zero Waste Shanghai


Let’s celebrate Earth Day from home!


The coronavirus pandemic has upended our lives. Nearly 300 Million Kids Aren't In Class. According to the United Nations, 22 countries on 3 continents have closed schools because of the virus. 新冠病毒将我们的生活彻底打乱。据联合国报道,全球来自22个国家,3大洲的接近3亿儿童已经因为新冠停课。

However... What are we explaining to our Kids? Do they know why this Virus is in our lives? What are our responsibilities as human beings to avoid these pandemics in our next Present? What our children know about sustainability and love for Nature?


For Celebrating Earth Day (April 22nd), Zero Waste team and Alizée B, founder of Zero Waste Shanghai , are proud to launch our first Earth Day e-learning class, designed for kids confined at home (6-12 years old). In just 30 minutes, kids will learn some easy tips to become Zero Waste Heros in their day-to-day life.


All kids are smart, creative and ready to learn in a deeper way than adults. Let’s give them the opportunity to become aware of how to be closer to Nature, to respect our Planet and to make a positive impact in their lives, even as Kids.