• Zero Waste Shanghai

How to Compost at Home Workshop is NOW on-line

Reducing food waste is one of the top 3 solutions to fighting climate change.


Let’s start composting!


For years we’ve been running offline workshops in China to teach people how to make their own urban compost bin that would:


  • Help you reduce your waste by 30% every day!

  • Be smell free

  • Create healthy soil for your plants or neighboring farms

  • Educate your family or friends to the cycle of food and nature

  • Make you part of the solution!

  • 帮助你每天减少30%的浪费!

  • 无异味

  • 为你养的植物或附近的农场创造健康的土壤

  • 帮助你的家人和朋友了解食物和自然的循环

  • 使你成为解决方案团队的一位成员!

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