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How to Keep Your Mattress Out of the Landfill

Each year, millions of mattresses enter landfills around the world. They’re large, bulky, and composed of a wide range of materials that make them difficult to crush for compact disposal. Keeping mattresses out of landfills takes efforts on two fronts. Purchasing more biodegradable, eco-friendly mattresses is a start followed by increasing the number of mattress recycling programs. This two part solution keeps mattresses out of landfills and makes the best use of natural resources.


Choosing Your Next Mattress

The complex nature of mattress construction makes it impossible to make a mattress that is 100 percent organic and natural. But, you can find options that are biodegradable and more environmentally conscious in their construction. The search is even more difficult when you consider that the mattress industry does not have regulations or guidelines as to what terms like “green”, “natural”, or “eco-friendly” mean.


Instead of relying on labels, you can look for a mattress made with natural materials that have gone through as few manufacturing processes as possible. Mattresses made using the following materials in the cover, comfort layers, and support core are more biodegradable and less harmful to the environment once disposed of:

  • Natural latex

  • Plant-based polyfoam and memory foam