• Zero Waste Shanghai

LAST EDITION OF THE YEAR 2020: #IamZeroWaste + Compost Bin Workshop

The End of the Year is here. What a Year!!!

Have we learned? Yes! … and we can still learn more… so don’t miss our LAST #IAMZEROWASTE WORKSHOP EDITION and start a new year living without (or at least with less) waste and contribute to a better future for our Planet.

We truly believe in the power of community: We are part of the solution to reduce waste in our world. We all have the power to change and make a positive impact: How we live, act, speak has ripple effects on our environment.

Climate change has accelerated the need to find measures to reduce and manage the waste we create. Reduction and reuse of waste will help reduce pressure on the planet's natural resources while potentially reducing the emission of greenhouse gases created through mass production and burning of fossil fuels.