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San Francisco, a Role Model 榜样城市-旧金山

The Zero Waste San Francisco City. Inspiring city?


By 2020, San Francisco is expected to achieve its ambitious goal of zero waste to landfill. If we look back on the city’s evolution in waste management these past several years, we see that there have been leading efforts made by the government and its people in attempting to tackle its waste issues. While San Francisco has been a prominent example of recycling and trash sorting, the city is reconsidering the feasibility of its goals for the imminent deadline next year.


The California Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989 required each city and county in the state to divert half of its waste by 2000. San Francisco took it a further step in 2003 to promise to send no waste to landfill or high-temperature destruction facilities by 2020. In support of this move, the city also introduced its “Fantastic Three” program which divides trash bins into trash, recycling and composting, indicated by the colors black, blue and green respectively. In 2013, the national average for waste diversion was abou