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Seven Most Sustainable Shoe Brands 7个你不得不知的可持续鞋子品牌

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Author : Marina

Together with the urge of a revolution in sustainability for fashion brands, the footwear sector has to reconsider as well his role in this scenario. Designers and footwear companies are struggling to research and develop shoes with less harmful impact on the environment and of course, cruelty-free.


What does it mean “sustainable shoes”?


The term sustainable shoes is very broad. Mostly it involves the design of shoes that would use new natural and easy-to-decompose materials, would pay attention to the gas emissions, would be transparent in its supply chain guaranteeing that natural resources, animal welfare, good labor conditions are respected.


What is the environmental problem associated with shoes?


The main environmental problem related to footwear is its difficulty to decompose since it is mainly made by plastic and glues, materials that are hard to recycle, then gas emissions and animal leather that is cruel and very heavy on the environment especially in the tanning process.


Seven Most Sustainable Shoes Brands