• Zero Waste Shanghai

The Andean Apothecary

“If you have the ability to love, love yourself first.”

Charles Bukowski

Living Zero Waste lifestyle is not only about avoiding the waste production and lowering our carbon footprint; the important part is also to stop polluting our mind and body. It was said many times before, but as the repetition is the mother of wisdom, we take the opportunity to say it one (or few) more time(s) – to live in harmony with the rest of the world is to live in harmony with yourself.


Everyone has their own unique way how to reach and maintain balance – It might be painting, gym “torturing”, practicing yoga or meditation, running, singing, cooking, gardening; whatever comes to your mind! Finding time to do what we love is an act of loving ourselves. When we feel the connection with ourselves, very naturally we look at the world from a different and brighter perspective. What a day to be alive!


Zero Waste SH team: relaxing time at Chongming Island.

We, in Zero Waste Shanghai, would like to tell you about two ways how to quieten your busy mind, balance your emotions, increase your intuition, creativity and have a great energy to fulfil your dreams! There are two wonderful gifts of nature that have been used for thousands of years: sound and flowers.


The first time I experiences a sound therapy myself was some years ago during the last part of a yoga session– relaxation pose Shavasana. That time my teacher used singing bowls to guide our meditation by the vibration that ran through our bodies; I could feel how it touched my every organ, I felt the goosebumps on my skin and some tones I even felt physically. This sound healing boost my energy, but at the same time it truly calmed me down. And this heavenly sound has been following me till now. I even bought the singing bowls and time to time I try to “play” them, but honestly it is nothing comparable to the therapy given by someone else. I was looking for a sound therapist in Shanghai and was lucky to found Katherine from