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The Generation That Will Save The Planet | 拯救地球的一代

Author: Federica

This week has been a loud week for the climate crisis and the people involved in it.

Yes, we are done saying that the climate is changing because it already did. Now, it's time to accept the "elephant in the room" and start acting to find the quickest and most effective solution.

While politics worldwide are struggling in developing green new deals and reforms, held back by economics interests; the young generation is standing up for their future and the one of the planet.



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Generation Z is the one that will be facing the most tragic and complex consequences of this environmental emergency, and they are not willing to stay quiet while their planet is burning.


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For this reason, Europe, the USA, and other countries worldwide have seen a rise of young activists striking from school to protests against governments and people who are still denying the emergency.

This week has been the Global Climate Strike with talks, conferences, and events all around the world to drive the attention on the burning topic.



Global Climate Strike flyer(全球气候罢课宣传单)

But what about China?How do Chinese people feel about the climate crisis and plastic pollution?  

Nationally and internationally praised for its brand-new garbage sorting policy that revolutionized the entire waste system, Shanghai provides us an unconventional point of view from the rest of China.

The city is witnessing an acceleration toward environmental awareness. People are taking care of the threat caused to our planet, appreciating the urge to act.

但是中国呢?中国人民如何看待气候危机和塑料污染? 无论是在国内还是国际上,上海都因其全新的垃圾分类政策而备受赞誉,这一政策彻底改变了整个垃圾处理系统。


The substantial difference between China and the other countries is that people here are undeniably and confidently relying on the government's policies and decisions.

Despite a few complaints about the strict rules, Shanghai Millennials are very supportive about the new entry garbage sorting, believing it was essential to start improving the recyclable quantity and quality.

Some people are eager to learn more about the process: what happens to the waste? How it is recycled? And whether it is recycled.

Chinese people expect the government to support them in handling garbage sorting with less hassle possible, and in finding the most eco-friendly solutions without affecting their lifestyle and their habits.

Also, people are confident that China can perform as a model for other countries since it's becoming a pioneer in green innovation.






In both cases, in China and abroad, sustainability became a central issue when taking new initiatives. No matter if it's for business or lifestyle or when purchasing, companies are starting shaping their models around a greener and more efficient design to satisfy the younger consumers who will be the one inheriting this world.


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And you? From which part of this amazing planet are you from? 

Did you participate in the Global Climate Strike?

What do you feel your country could improve more? How do you feel about the younger generation taking the lead of environmental activism?



你觉得你的国家还有什么需要改进的? 你对年轻一代领导环保运动有什么看法?

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