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The importance of sustainability within education.

What are our education institutes doing to prepare our younger generations for the larger societal problem of climate crisis? Across many of educational institutes there is a deficient integration of sustainable development thinking, into the traditional core topics; thus a majority of schools lack the ability to prepare students to solve environmental issues.

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Why educate about sustainability?

Ajita Nayar, education manager at Emirates Wildlife Society, (a part of the World Wildlife Fund) states the most significant reason is ‘It can create a better world for current and future generations, and of all living things on earth.’ By doing so, we are equipping every child to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to solve societal problems and shape a sustainable future.

Sustainability within education acts as a dual development outcome for students.

Firstly, sustainability should be incorporated within core subjects already taught within schools (such as maths, science and even art.) This will aid students’ understanding of environmental problems and solutions, and their ability to learn how this appl