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The Oceans, the lungs of our Planet

Updated: May 10

The transformational event, June 5th 3.00pm-6.00pm

Zero Waste Shanghai celebrates Oceans Day by organizing an offline event. We want to raise awareness about the importance of the Oceans in our life and two of their main threats: plastic pollution and the increase of carbon emissions gases.

THE EVENT: Embracing a transformational mindset

Are you engaged in areas of sustainability and innovation? How companies can be more circular and make a positive impact by working in a plastic circular approach? How can reduce their carbon emissions?

On June, Saturday 5th, we will explore how brands can stay conscious about these problems, learn better practices, and take the initiative to make changes happen.

TIME TO SHIFT : 5 informative talks + DIY activities + Meet like-minded friends

We will open the event with an approach to why oceans are important to our life. We will briefly introduce how oceans act a key role in climate change, and how anthropic activities, such as plastic pollution and carbon emission, impact the oceans. Which will eventually turn to us, human beings.

At the heart of the event, we'll find experts from committed companies to B-Corps and innovative start-ups. We will have the opportunity to listen to inspiring people from different backgrounds, who have already implemented successful techniques and changes at different levels. You will find immediately applicable lessons to make your brand more sustainable and drive behavior change at scale.

For closing the event we will have two different activities.

Have fun! You can join for free one of the DIY Workshops by Davines: Cotton Bag or Plant Growing.

Keep learning! Join the MasterClass by Zero Waste Shanghai, you will go deeper into questions like Why are we sorting waste? Why do we need to reduce it? Why do landfills generate Greenhouse Gases? Can plastic really be recycled? What is Carbon Neutrality?

The Agenda



Event: The Oceans, the lungs of our Planet

+ 2 DIY activities by Davines


89 RMB

(included 1 Drink & snacks )

The MasterClass: Introduction to Circular Economy

by Zero Waste Shanghai.

China's ecosystem and the direction of sustainability for the country.


480 RMB


ADDRESS: Paper Shanghai

622 Huaihai Middle Rd.

Building 8, Space, Shanghai, 200020

Shanghai ICP No. 1802 0082



Paper is home to art exhibitions, cultural events, and Shanghai design shows parallel happenings.


We are a unique sustainability training & consulting company. We support you to achieve your sustainability goals through sustainability consulting & implementation, employee training, and team-building activities.


Zero Waste Shanghai is happy to host this event and be able to count on these amazing organizations and companies.

A big thanks to:

Davines is a haircare brand originated from Italy, always focusing on sustainable beauty. In 2016 the Davines Group joined the B-corp family with a 99 score. They want to be the best for the world, creators of the good life through beauty and sustainability. All Davines products have 100% CO2eq-offset packaging.

Weibo account:Davines大卫尼斯官方

Red account:DAVINES 大卫尼斯

Since 2018, PET reduces environmental pollution by design and manufacturing recycled polyester (rPET) products. They focus on the unique B2B aspect. As small as corporate gifts to table cloths, as long as it's made from polyester, we encourage businesses to switch from virgin polyester made from crude oil to rPET made from PCR plastic bottles.

WeChat ID|PET_Goodcycle


Maker Sustainability Consulting (MSC) is a sustainability strategy consultancy. AS the first and the only strategy-based sustainable development consulting company in China, MSC is aiming to help Chinese enterprises outline the sustainability strategy and assist international companies in localization and adaption to actual conditions in China.

WeChat ID|mscworld


Between Research is an Italian fashion consulting company, experienced in the luxury industry both in Europe and Asia. In 2020 the group launched the "Between Conscious Program", an initiative with the aim to promote sustainability in the world of fashion by connecting experts and companies willing to commit to the sustainable development of the whole industry.



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