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Without purpose, there is no mission.

By Natalie Amezcua, a humane educator living in China with a background in solutionary education and activism.

Identifying your authentic corporate purpose is essential for obtaining a social goal and identity. Consequently, generating a positive social impact is essential in grounding your corporate business in its community.

A purpose requires a clear understanding of what the business is doing now with clear ideas of what it plans to do next and then the future. A purpose offers consumers and partners an understanding of not only how the corporate runs but why it exists in the first place; emanating an identity, beliefs, and overall missions that are reflected in its product and encored within the community for which it serves.

A corporate business, in whatever field, needs to acquire revenue to stay afloat. A business that focuses on revenue-oriented goals alone can easily lose sight of its purpose and go astray when burdened with social climates that are detrimental to those financial goals. Corporate purposes function as a template to aid in direction and determine a path it must follow to stay true to its purpose. Why does it exist? That thinking should never leave the forefront of any transaction, business plan, and partnership.

A corporate purpose that is built through honesty and transparency both internally and externally holds trust from its consumers. Trust is a brand's license to operate. Without the trust from your employees; partners and consumers alike, a corporation’s purpose and mission may struggle to gain momentum and fail to succeed in a time when loyalty and commitment from its consumers and followers are necessary.

But how do you go about gaining trust in a world that is revenue-goal oriented?

It’s difficult to imagine that a for-profit corporation can collectively be in tune with its financial goals as well as the needs of the social climate. Key terms like sustainability, cradle to cradle, eco-friendly, ethically made and the likes are becoming more and more popular, contributing to a large shift in consumer mindset towards more consciously made products and services. As a corporate business, it is important to be in tune with social climates such as these and alter your purpose to include the very things that are important to not only consumers but the planet as well.