• Zero Waste Shanghai

Zer’0Waste Shanghai & Epermarket: Growing Green Training Project— 不断发展的绿色培训项目

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Individual input towards zero waste is significant. However, businesses can do their part too. Shanghai is witnessing an increase in more established businesses turning towards a sustainable outlook; specifically motivated to become a zero waste business. This is exemplified by our recent collaboration with Epermarket.

作为个体,我们投入到零浪费中很重要。但是,企业也可以发挥自己的作用。上海见证了越来越多的金牌企业正逐步转向可持续发展,尤其是与零浪费相关的行动。我们最近与Epermarket 合作就是一个例子。

Who is Epermarket?

Epermarket是谁 ?

If you’re looking for fresh or imported groceries in Shanghai, Epermarket should spring to mind. They are an online supermarket offering over 5000 imported products,and fresh groceries from over 35 of their partner farms; all delivered at your convenience right to your door step! Their main objective is to provide high quality and safe products, for all their customers and their families.