Shanghai American School

On May 22nd, Zero Waste Shanghai was invited to spend the afternoon at the Shanghai American School Pudong Campus. After a peaceful ride through the far ends of Pudong, in a taxi packed up with 18 compost bins and a box of worms we made it to the school.

Alfred introduced Zero Waste Shanghai to the school premises and their efforts for introducing their students to being more green minded and protecting their environment.


After a healthy lunch, we set out first to the greenhouse perched on top of the high school building. The rooftop is open to students to come up whenever they want and take care of the crops, garden compost and beddings. We were really impressed by the fact that they were successfully growing tomatoes and basil! We were then led to the high school yard where three large raised garden beds were placed on each sides, one of them filled with large mint stems. On the other side were two wooden installations on which grapes were growing, one of them brightly painted in vivid orange.


We followed our visit towards the pre-school classes where children were hatching eggs in a small oven and learning how long it took for an egg to turn into a chick. In a smaller box across the room were cocoons on leaves and one caterpillar! When going outside, other garden beds were there. The pre-school kids were (successfully) growing snow peas (they harvested 31 the day before), radishes, sunflowers, lettuce and tomatoes. On top of that, they had a mud kitchen in the corner of their little garden. Needless to say, we were jealous.


At 3:30pm, 18 teachers with some of their children joined in the Funky science lab class of Miss Fung-Kee-Fung for a compost bin workshop. 


Shanghai American School - Pudong Campus

We taught the teachers how to make their very own compost bins. Scrap paper was obviously not a problem. After ripping paper up and preparing the bed for worms, we all introduce the baby worms to their new homes. Mars the science bunny was hopping around the classroom, pretty glad to still have visitors at this hour.


The workshop was a lot of fun, we were sharing about composting food at school and all the wonderful initiatives we’ve seen or heard of around Shanghai. 

Everyone had a great time!

We finished the workshop just in time for everyone to catch the bus back home. Everyone carrying their new pets outside of the classroom. Before leaving, Mars the bunny was given some fresh greens from the gardens for dinner. During the summer holidays, she will spend her summer at Biofarm, waiting for students to come back in August for the new school year.


"One of the values of Shanghai American School is to be global citizens and care for the Earth and its inhabitants. After I personally attended Zero Waste Shanghai’s compost workshop, I immediately thought that our teachers would significantly benefit from this workshop, both personally and professionally. The workshop was simple yet really informative about the significance of food waste and the value of composting. 


At SAS we value community and we are constantly trying to make our community stronger. And so by bringing Zero Waste Shanghai to our campus, our community got stronger and also greener, which directly affects our students as we need to model the behaviors and habits that we want them to adopt."  


Lisa Fung-Kee-Fung, SAS Science teacher















"Some of our elementary teachers have already brought in their compost bins into their classrooms and are teaching the kids how to use it. In Kindergarten, students have been learning about what can be composted, such as food scraps and what cannot, such as a coke can. With this knowledge, they are using their new compost bins, made by their teachers, with the goal of using their compost in their gardens and flower beds." 


Lisa Fung-Kee-Fung, SAS Science teacher




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